Smartcard water Vending machine with Cloud monitoring

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This Vending machine is perfectly designed with Non contact Smartcard (RF ID) Exclusively for Flow based water vending machines. This Microcontroller Featured card operated water vending unit proves its own way by its accuracy. Unlike other vending machine control board which works with time based, this board works as volume based system. It means output dispensing water of this kind of vending machine remains constant and accurate irrespective of change in storage tank capacity.
The most impressive feature of this design is that single machine can be used as both as vending and recharge unit. That is user may not need to purchase separate recharge unit. Additionally this model has feature of remote monitoring Online (Cloud).

·    Fully Microcontroller based Design
·    Inbuilt Vending and Recharge unit
·    Multiple volume with multiple choice
·    Volume based Vending
·    Due to volume based , produce accurate water output irrespective of tank level
·    Non contact Smart card type
·    Works on 220V AC supply (or) 12 V Battery
·    220v Relay output for Solenoid valve
·    Make: Stainless steel
·    Customized volume adjustment 500ml to 150 Liters
·    2 Line Alphanumeric LCD display with back light
·    Inbuilt Regulated power supply
·    Inbuilt 1KB EEPROM to store info about so far dispensed water
·    Fine-tuned against better quality slugs and frauds
·    In Built Noise filter to protect system from noise and surges
·    30  Amps Relay ( 220V)
·    Inbuilt memory  to store cash collections
·    Inbuilt memory to store so far recharge rupees
·    Onboard Reset
·    Plug and Play
·    Size : 31B* 46H * 18L cm
·    PCB type: Epoxy board with Green masking

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